Portada » The 2024 Goya gala was the least watched since 2006, although it had the highest number of spectators | Goya Awards | Cinema

The 2024 Goya gala was the least watched since 2006, although it had the highest number of spectators | Goya Awards | Cinema

by Isabella Walker
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The fact that Goya 2024 lasted more than three and a half hours played against the audience figures and the ceremony presented by Ana Belén, Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo was the one that attracted the fewest spectators on average since 2006. Indeed, it It was therefore the absolute leader on Saturday evening, with 2,359,000 spectators. Of course, in screen share data (the percentage of the TV pie it is left with), the 2023 data improved slightly and reached 23.5%, the best share since 2020.

More than 6.6 million viewers watched some moments of the broadcast during the more than three and a half hours of the ceremony. Its golden minute, the one in which the largest number of spectators attended the gala, was at 11.29pm, with 2,715,000 followers. These data contribute to making La 1 the leading network on Saturdays, with a 13.3% share. The previous broadcast, which followed the red carpet of the gala, attracted 1,029,000 viewers, with a 10% share.

Even if the number of viewers has decreased, the Goyas are still a guaranteed audience success for TVE, which exited the competition with very few chances: on Telecinco, dancing with the Stars The share fell to 8.5% (1.4 points less than last Saturday). Take a million, on Antena 3 it remained at 7.6% share (2.5 points less than a week earlier).

From the report in which the consultancy firm Dos 30′ analyzes the audience data of the Goya Gala 2024, data emerge such as a greater interest in the ceremony among the female public (25.4% share) compared to the male one (21.2 %), the great attraction is among young people aged 13 to 24 (30% share) and the 24 to 44 age group (26.7%), i.e. from 00:20 at night, the number of spectators begins to decrease drastically, while the share rises. Among the Autonomous Communities, Madrid was the one that showed the greatest interest in the gala (31.2%), followed by Murcia (31%) and Castilla y León (30.4%), which hosted the ceremony. At the opposite pole, the Canary Islands (13.3%), Andalusia (17.4%) and Asturias (19.6%) were the communities with the lowest following of the awards.

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