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Real Madrid-Murcia in the Basketball Cup and four other proposals to watch on television today | Television

by Isabella Walker
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Two excellent films mark the cinema day, emblem of independent cinema, Buffalo 66, by Vincent Gallo, and a combination of drama and comedy by Woody Allen, Melinda and Melinda. On Movistar Plus+ the Basketball King’s Cup begins with the clash between Real Madrid and Murcia. On Antena 3, the prime time is occupied by a new episode of the series Between the lands. Part 2, for its part, investigates the history of fashion in The flux capacitor.

“Melinda and Melinda”

16.10. Movistar drama

United States, 2004, (100 minutes). Director: Woody Allen. Starring: Radha Mitchell, Amanda Peet, Will Ferrell.

Drama and comedy walk in parallel. So says Woody Allen, who, in fact, tells two stories that arise from the same situation and develop in opposite ways: the exhilarating nature of some situations can quickly become tragic. A new example of ingenuity and stagecraft, supported by an excellent Radha Mitchell.

Real Madrid-Murcia in the Basketball Cup

6pm, Movistar Plus+

The King’s Basketball Cup begins, a weekend of matches that brings together the best teams of the ACB League at the Martín Carpena in Málaga. The quarter-final matches will be played today and tomorrow, starting with the match between Real Madrid and Murcia, broadcast by Movistar Plus+, which will also show the match between Barcelona and BAXI Manresa tomorrow.

The history of fashion, in ‘The flux capacitor’

10pm, La 2

In this episode, La 2’s scientific space looks at the most important historical events in the world of clothing. Among other issues, the program will analyze the thin line that separates art and fashion, review the aesthetics of urban tribes and investigate the work of figures such as Yves Saint Laurent or Coco Chanel.

Love breaks loose in the series ‘Between the Lands’

10.45pm, Antenna 3

Pipo Fernandez

The characters in the Between Lands series face new conflicts in the delivery of these emanations, especially those in love. Manuel travels to Almería in an attempt to recover María. However, seeing her with her old love, José, it may be too late. Furthermore, Manuel has to stay on site longer than expected after his car breaks down.

“Buffalo 66”

11.55pm, MTC

United States, 1998 (105 minutes). Director: Vincenzo Gallo. With: Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci, Ben Gazzara, Anjelica Huston.

The first work by actor Vincent Gallo boasts narrative expertise and a staging as unorthodox as it is angry, which dares to also include a now forgotten resource such as that of the split screen. Buffalo 66 follows the footsteps of a person who leaves prison with the aim of taking revenge on those who caused his imprisonment and also to present himself to his parents as a remade man. To do this he will kidnap a young woman who he will force to pretend to be his wife. Gallo creates an exemplary drama that investigates personal miseries and imposture and simulation as vital resources. His characters, bitter ghosts, apathetic human beings, live among shadows and lies, tied up in front of the television or drowned in the ritual of the closed space of bowling alleys.

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