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Trump gets paid in advance | Opinion

by Isabella Walker
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The borders were closed to immigration. End of the war in Ukraine within 24 hours. Free hands for Netanyahu to resolve the future of Gaza as he sees fit. We won’t have to wait for Donald Trump to confirm his lead over Joe Biden in the November 5 presidential election to assess how far the extremist agenda is advancing. Confident in the defects and weaknesses of the former president, especially in his four judicial trials with 91 criminal charges, his opponents have not sufficiently valorized his strengths, which he has, even if they end up favoring the enemies of the United States, as the same The conservative pointed out in the Liz Cheney scandal.

In harmony with the European far right, Trump has already made immigration the main issue on which his presidential candidacy will be based. Not only has he removed the economy from public debate, once the main concern of voters, but his most radical proposals have penetrated a White House incapable of defending the country’s good progress. The Senate is debating unusual legislation to limit asylum and the admission of aliens that has proven to be the toughest in 100 years. The White House surrendered to Republican blackmail which made the financing of the war in Ukraine conditional on harsh immigration, but also added financial aid to Israel, which the Republicans wanted to approve separately and unconditionally. Pure Trump with makeup.

Once the ideas were adopted, rudeness came, and not because Biden’s legislation is moderate, but because Trump will give him nothing, neither success nor visibility, even if he agrees with his proposals. He wants to see him arrive exhausted on election day, with the entire country and, if possible, the world turned upside down. This is how Trumpist republicanism, increasingly hegemonic, will vote against its own proposals, despite the fact that not even a hypothetical control of the presidency and all the institutions (the two Houses and the Supreme Court) guarantees that such conservative legislation will be able to pass in the future. Even the most progressive Democrats will follow the same path, regardless of whether Trump is the beneficiary.

In the absence of regulation, the threat of closing the border in 2025 with the replacement of the president will act as a powerful magnet on those who aspire to cross it. Trump prefers that an alarming flood of the migratory river towards the United States accompanies the opening of the polls; that Ukraine withdraws from Russia; and that the Gaza war, so controversial for Democrats, continues to rage under Netanyahu. The crises must be maintained and relaunched to win the elections with the announcement of the victories that Trump will reap as soon as he returns to the Oval Office. He frontloads Chaos so that Chaos wins in November and in case Chaos ends up losing.

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