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‘The Resistance’: The Broncano mystery: is it like this or is it done? | Television

by Isabella Walker
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“I lived with a partner in a 40 square meter apartment and we had it a bit destroyed, it was a bit embarrassing. But he liked to come and play a few games of board games. Sometimes he would show up, I don’t know, with a friend, unannounced. And he was so happy if we brought him some pickles and something to drink. The comedian Sergio Bezos talks about his friend David Broncano (Santiago de Compostela, 39 years old), whom he met some time ago, a week before the storm Filomena, “When I was already David Broncano and it made me very nervous.” But a game of paddle tennis and a subsequent meal with comedians Jorge Ponce and Pablo Ibarburu were enough to understand how Bezos felt towards the host of The resistance, Movistar Plus+ program which has just completed six years on air. “He’s interested in people, and that’s not so normal. I, being an egomaniac, always think about my own jokes, not those of others,” he says.

Perhaps that scene, a sofa on which sit more people than can fit, while having an aperitif in a room where the vacuum cleaner has not been vacuumed for a long time, where one of the presenters spends the afternoon, explains part of the fame and the recognition of this Galician with a Jaén accent. Because she gives the impression that he takes what is right seriously, that he likes what he does but without going crazy, that everything happens like this, as if by inertia, without needing to mention that he works 24 hours a day.

The Advertising student we saw for the first time at the competition Meter by metreof Telemadrid, in 2006, which participated Comedy Club, on radio programs such as Yu: Don’t miss anything AND Modern life, presented the humorous news program crazy world and now he does it with The resistance He seems like an extraordinarily normal guy. One of ours, one of those who join the WhatsApp group of colleagues. Maybe he is one of those who govern stickers, or the others, those who read more than interact. It could be one of the family, biological or chosen. Cousin David. One of those who stoically endure when the heaviest of almost all social groups says, “What’s wrong? Deivid? and pat on the back.

With Broncano we learned the term “pachacho”, we know that he likes tennis and Roger Federer, Monty Python and all the people of Chanante time. Who hesitates the guests almost as much as he himself, who received a mare as a gift from Bertín Osborne, who invited María Teresa Campos to dance and who also drove María Pombo crazy. “Just like the ones you think are your reddest friends are Albert Rivera and others,” he told the influencer to the laughter of the audience, after having entered the program asking for the Spanish anthem and not knowing what the moment of consecration in a Eucharist consists of.

Álex Pinacho has worked with him for years as a producer. Enough time to confirm that Broncano “does not work on proximity, that’s exactly how it is”. That his reputation for being competitive is real, and that his success in his field didn’t drive him crazy, “because he was already crazy before.” Who has little interest in awards, fame or people talking about him. What to do with a “niche” program like Modern life Gathering more than 8,000 people at the Wizink Center to close the program’s tour in 2019 kept him grounded.

David Broncano, at the presentation of ‘La Resistenza’ in January 2018.Samuel de Roman (Getty Images)

“He’s empathetic and a genius. “He has emotional intelligence and doesn’t give off status,” says Bezos, who analyzes Broncano’s triumph thus: “David’s success consists in the fact that he created a program not to work, because he is a kind of walking entertainment.” As if the motto on which his life is based was that phrase of the much desired Mila Ximénez: “I will laugh at her”.

And this is precisely what sometimes turns against them. When he projects that carelessness that exasperates, that doesn’t hide, I don’t care who comes to have fun tonight. “Take care of yourself, friend,” the actress Nathalie Poza told him after a few minutes of interview that she seemed eternal, crazy. Elevator conversations, the boring ones, you know. “Let’s see, what questions do you have, chufla or music?”, as the trap singer La Zowi scolded him after Broncano had asked her, among other things, to choose the city with the best Wi-Fi among all those in the world. she lived and her favorite river of her.

That irritating thing is not having prepared so thoroughly and believing that everything will go well, because it has happened before and it always happens the same way. Some jokes about foosball tables and bumper cars, colleagues, aunts, drugs, some viral jokes and more. To record the next programme. That “particular” way of interviewing that some critics define as a euphemism like any other to say that their job is not exactly to get the most out of those who sit on their program.

That union between heterosexuality and Peterpanism, a parrot hut where quinoa is eaten for dinner to eliminate prejudices. The straight comedians, who occupy everything, like Isa Calderón and Lucía Litjmaer, from podcasts Deformed weeklybefore reconciling with his visit to The resistance. Those jokes about Torbe, the porn film director convicted of child pornography crimes, in the interview with youtuber Wismichu.

“As Pilar Miró said to Pedro Piqueras when he offered to present the TVE news: ‘A camera takes an x-ray. You can fool the camera for a few days, a few weeks, a month, but not much more.’ Broncano knows this and doesn’t deceive,” says screenwriter Paloma Rando, who says the presenter plays with strangeness. And maybe that’s exactly how it is. That he is a strange and at the same time close boy, a competitive and at the same time lazy boy. A pachacho.

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