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The 2024 Super Bowl is already the most-watched event in US television history, with the Moon landing cleared | Television

by Isabella Walker
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The most watched event in the history of American television. Beyond the epic victory of the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers, this is the great title left by the Super Bowl played on Sunday at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). The figure is impressive and far exceeds the previous one: 123.4 million viewers followed the American Soccer League final for four and a half hours and 202.4 million viewers connected to the broadcast at a certain point point, in a match that was particularly prolonged until extra time, the second in the 58-year history of the trophy, and which featured a guest who overwhelmed the masses: Taylor Swift.

The previous attendance record for the game was very recent: it was achieved last year, when the Chiefs won, once again, this time against the Philadelphia Eagles. So 115.1 million people, on average, connected to the broadcast; and approximately 181 million have connected at some point. Although the Super Bowl usually grows in numbers year after year, it does so slightly, but this year the jump was huge: 7%, almost nine million viewers on average and 10% in the single connection. According to the media how cnn AND Varietythese 202 million people represent the maximum number of viewers of a televised event ever officially recorded in the United States. There are no precise data, but it is estimated that the arrival of man on the Moon, which could be seen on television in July in 1969, gathered between 125 and 150 million spectators on the screens watching the Apollo 11 moon landing. It goes without saying that 55 years ago the world, and especially that of entertainment, was different, with only a handful of networks, many fewer televisions and obviously without the internet, platforms or similar.

In this case, the majority of viewers came via conventional television, among those who saw it on the CBS network: 112 million, which is the highest peak for a network in US history. The rest is added with Paramount+ (which sold streaming), Nickelodeon (with a children’s version hosted by SpongeBob), Univisión (in Spanish), CBS Sports and NFL digital.

The reasons for the spike in Super Bowl viewership are complex to understand, but there are two clear and fundamental ones. On the one hand, of the 58 editions of the cup final that celebrates the best team in the American Football League (NFL), this was one of the longest. In total the match lasted 3 hours and 44 minutes; They usually last about three hours. Only two in its history (and one of which was also due to a 30-minute technical stoppage due to a blackout) lasted more than four. His 74 minutes and 57 seconds of actual play make this Super Bowl LVIII the one with the most minutes played in history and the seventh longest NFL game. In fact, it was so long because there was a tie and it lasted until the fifth quarter (the usual number is four). Despite a tedious start, the fourth and especially the fifth quarter were exciting, managing to hook viewers who were perhaps not so loyal. Likewise the interval with Usher’s music, but also the advertising (at the rate of seven million dollars every 30 seconds), the usual protagonists of the day. In one of the commercial breaks, Beyoncé announced a new album.

Usher, at halftime of the 2024 Super Bowl.Associated Press/LaPresse (APN)

But there was also another element of attraction, which attracted many new fans to watch this game which, like those in the regular season throughout this year, has grown more and more in terms of audience. And that talisman is Taylor Swift. The artist is one of the most powerful and the one who manages to attract the most crowds in the world of entertainment; She is in fact immersed in a tour of over 150 concerts around the planet for which she immediately sold out all the tickets and which made her a billionaire; said concert, The Turn of the Ages, was also seen in theaters and broke box office records for a concert worldwide, grossing more than $260 million. Swift, 34, appeals to the masses, especially millennial women, and turns everything she touches into gold; In fact, her participation in the political issue in the next American elections in November is highly anticipated, in which according to experts she could influence the vote.

So, his presence came as a shock to a part of the audience that isn’t always a regular Super Bowl attendee, but wanted to see their idol in the stands. She flew from Tokyo, where she had given a concert the day before, in order to be present at the final. The reason was none other than seeing someone who was her partner for about six months in the field, the narrow end and Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce. The artist has attended almost all of Kelce’s matches since last September, which has already been noticed by the audience, which has grown, not to mention the sale of shirts, which has multiplied. And Swift, despite complaints from some NFL fans, was barely on screen. In total, 54 seconds, less than a minute. He doesn’t look crazy for nearly four hours of play, but they more than make up for it.

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