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More absurd humor and more exhilaration but in less time in the second season of ‘Showriano’ | Television

by Isabella Walker
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Before crossing the curtain to enter the set of Movistar Plus+, in the Madrid town of Tres Cantos, where it was recorded Showrian, we can already hear the bass of a reggaeton that anticipates what is to come. The study of Show, hosted by all-rounder Eva Soriano, is surrounded by neon lights, bright projectors and disco balls. The disco atmosphere, already present last year, in the first season, was taken to hyperbole with a studio to which graffiti, LED screens and leather sofas were added. A setting suited to the frenetic pace of what promises to be the first singing show from Spain and which presents its second season this Monday, with one less interviewee and a duration reduced from 50 to 30 minutes.

“It’s a half-hour program that you can watch in no time. “It has songs, video clips, guests and a presenter who has an ass that kicks balls”, introduces Soriano, who is also in vogue with his presence on the radio, as Special bodies (Europa FM), or special television programs (Eugenio there is only one). Showrian, where he sings, does monologues and interviews, is tailor-made for him. “I have no nerves or dizziness. With very few programs it reached an audience that I believe is my audience. For me, Showrian It is a concept in which there is no first or second season; “It will last as long as it has to last.”

The irreverent, absurd humor with which Soriano goes a long way with his gestures and his corporeality, goes well with the first interview of this second season: Belén Esteban. The one who was a talk show host for almost 15 years Save me He knows very well how to have fun and function in a television studio. He went to the program to present the second season of reality Every man for himself (Netflix), about the collaborators of Save mebut ended up commenting on the magazine issue HI starring his former partner, the bullfighter Jesulín de Ubrique; about his meeting with kings and how he would like to see them in private at his favorite nightclub, Kapital, in Madrid; or that she no longer wanted the nickname “people’s princess”, but she is now “the matron”, as she has tattooed on her arm. “We didn’t know each other and you are one of the people I had the most fun with,” Soriano responded.

Belén Esteban and Eva Soriano in the first episode of the second season of ‘Showriano’.MOVISTAR+

Added to the discussion are musical numbers and characters dressed as doves or vaginas, in the accelerated pace of a program that tries to condense all this in a short time. But speed is part of Soriano’s improvisation and jokes: “I’m a very absurd person.” His sincerity is translated with the beginning of the space, a monologue in which he addresses current issues with satire: in the first program he already talks about feminism, following the testimonies of three women due to the sexual violence of the director Carlos Vermut, published for this newspaper. “Humour serves to play down current events, what must take precedence in the program is comedy, but comedy is also a weapon of protest”.

More female leads in the show

“I think I’m a lookout “In the 21st century I beat things, because the important thing in this profession is to diversify.” Of course, he confesses that what he likes to do most is standing live, perform live in a theater because. “In a theater you create a contract with licenses in which you arrive, enjoy and leave knowing that everything is part of a Show. Now with visual and video support they take you to a place that is not kind to you and you find yourself in situations that don’t happen in the theater, which is freer, ideal for a comedian.” He is, however, aware that these spaces constitute a showcase and allow it to differentiate itself in a very competitive sector.

A moment from the second season of ‘Showriano’.MOVISTAR+

Showrian joins entertainment programs that have a woman as host, such as Julia Otero in TV days; Carolina and Victoria Iglesias in podcasts Stretching the rubber or Inés Hernand on La 1. Spaces that are given to women, but very slowly and that are already being counted, according to Soriano, and which, in many cases, must start from personal projects. “For two and a half years I went to jets where five positions were structurally foreseen, four for the uncles and one for the aunt. “It had to be 2024 for us to see women on TV and not just in gossip magazines to make men laugh.”

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