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Desire for love | Television

by Isabella Walker
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Fernán Gómez’s privileged intelligence made possible one of the blackest, most grotesque and tragicomic films in Spanish cinema. It is entitled The strange journey. The censors tried to shackle him, but that’s how it is. Alive and corrosive after a long time. I think back to their discussion when they reported a truly terrifying event. Two sisters and their brother, without partners, were murdered in a village. The person reporting them is a man who had not repaid a loan of fifty thousand euros. They allocated that money to the bank accounts of two imaginary American soldiers whom they had never met but who had proposed marriage to them. They were his boyfriends in his delusional head, another scam through technology that ends in the death of that family. How scary is that lethal man. And that he shames those who deceived the two spinsters with a desire for love.

Barbarities continue to use feelings in the terrifying series on Filmin The fifth commandment. It’s not fiction. The horror happened. The great Battiato assured this in his song The season of love: “Desires do not age despite age. “There is a new enthusiasm left to experience in the heart.” This enthusiasm is what a sophisticated beast with aspirations of becoming a priest uses to make two very lonely old men fall in love. Both with nice houses and money. He is a passive homosexual, an enlightened and lyrical man, a virgin, religious, someone who for the first time in his desolate life feels loved and believes he loves. He gave up the feeling of love a long time ago, but she doesn’t get along with his placid existence. Both will be used, manipulated, humiliated, slowly poisoned by that young, impostor, mystical, greedy, sentimental predator specialized in seducing the tired hearts of the vulnerable. Evil exists, disguised in multiple formats, using various strategies to achieve the devastation of others. And he is even more disgusting when his targets are the weak, children and the elderly.

The fifth commandment It’s a production of the meticulous BBC. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s believable. And the personality of that smiling monster, attentive to detail, calculating ad nauseam, causes terror, making his game with other people’s feelings deadly. And as always with the justification of everything in terms of money, including the sentimental exchange. I don’t remember who wrote that no human being wants to be an island. But the beasts know how to attack them. For the heart.

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