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Benidorm Fest 2024: Angy Fernández, Nebulossa, Sofia Coll and Miss Caffeina, first finalists | Television

by Isabella Walker
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Benidorm Fest 2024 already has its first four finalists. On Tuesday evening, the music festival chose Nebulossa (149 points), Angy Fernández (137 points), Sofia Coll (116 points) and Miss Caffeina (105 points) as the top four candidates to win the Alicante competition.

Their performances were the ones that received the most acclaim in the first semi-final of the competition that selects the Spanish representative in the 68th edition of Eurovision, which will be held in Malmö (Sweden). This Thursday (La 1, 10.50pm) the four singers who will accompany them in the final on Saturday (La 1, 10.00pm) will be decided.

At the end of the first round of shows at the Palau d’Esports l’Illa in Benidorm, María Bas, the singer of Nebulossa, confirmed the trend of 2024 and established on stage a regime of terror typical of feminists (and radical mariliendres) . She was flanked by two muscular dancers in Catwoman-style bras and boots. Your theme Bitch, liberating and invoking the spirit of Fangoria, was the jury’s favorite option. “I know, I’m just a slut. “May my past devour you”, says the lyrics of the song, whose title is already visible on many t-shirts of the audience present at the festival.

Angy performs “I know who I am” in the first semi-final of Benidorm Fest 2024.RTVE

Angy Fernández had already convinced the specialized press in his afternoon essay. And she, at night, she also had the support of the audience as soon as she stepped on stage. With an infallible live as always, like she did at the age of 16 X Factorand later in Your face is familiar to mehis return to music was consolidated after confessing to having had mental health problems I know who I amthe first option for the demographic audience.

Sofia Coll started as one of the favorites with Here to stay and was the first to lift the Benidorm public. She placed third with a proposal that meets Eurovision standards, thanks to scenography, choreography, mid-song costume change and a mandatory program dance break. His song was composed, among others, by Nacho Canut (once again the spirit of Fangoria present in the room).

Sofia Coll presents ‘Here to Stay’ at Benidorm Fest.RTVE
Miss Caffeina qualified for the Benidorm Fest final with ‘Bla, blah, blah’.RTVE

The surprise came from Miss Caffeina, one of the most interesting groups on the Spanish independent scene. The band led by Alberto Jiménez has toured as many music festivals as possible over the last ten years. The trio demonstrated their skills live with a song, Blah blah blah, which, without being the best of their repertoire, has a catchy chorus suitable for any European Eurofan to sing. The fact that since Tuesday they have made themselves known to a wider audience is already a triumph for them and for the Benidorm Fest.

Although Abraham Mateo, brother of one of Lérica’s members, had called for the popular vote through his social networks, the proposal of the two, Astronaut, was excluded from the final. It was they who released the first musical note of the live gala, presented by singer Ruth Lorenzo —in front Cover night, another musical format by La 1—, Marc Calderó and Ana Prada. She rang at 11.07pm, perhaps thinking of the viewers in Los Angeles (where it was two in the afternoon on Tuesday) or those in Sydney (nine on Wednesday), who were very attentive, who knows, to the Spanish preselection for Eurovision. The audio was so poor that the Alicante venue barely understood a word of what the presenters and judges said during the gala, which RTVE says it took note of to correct the error in Thursday’s broadcast. They were also excluded from Mantra’s final selection, despite being the favorites in the televoting You will see me; Quique Niza, with Prisoner and Noah with I miss you -.

Like last year, In the three galas of this edition, the professional jury’s evaluation is worth 50%. The other half falls on the public vote, although in this case it is divided in two: 25% corresponds to the opinion poll jury – a statistical selection of 350 people representing the Spanish population – and 25% depends on televoting, i.e. the vote messages and phone calls from spectators of the live galas.

The jury of this edition has as spokesperson the singer, composer and actress Beatriz Luengo; who is accompanied by Guille Milkyway (The Blue House), with whom he almost went to Eurovision in 2008 The sexual revolution; the Dominican Ángela Carrasco, the first Mary Magdalene of Jesus Christ Superstar in Spain; and the Venezuelan Carlos Baute. Half of the international and Eurovision experts are Lee Smithurst, who has been repeatedly tasked with leading the British representation at the festival; Davis Tserunyan, head of the Armenian delegation; Marta Pierkarska representing Poland; and the set designer Nicole Refsing, who was artistic director of the 2014 Copenhagen festival, the year in which Ruth Lorenzo participated.

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