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A journey into the nineties with ‘Cachitos’ and four other proposals to see on television today | Television

by Isabella Walker
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Today cinema offers two excellent and disparate films: cheat day which is a combination of western and black comedy by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Rowing in the wind, a melodrama by Gonzalo Suárez that recreates the birth of the literary myth of Frankenstein. The 2nd offers a double appointment, the first with delivery of Iron and chrome tips dedicated to the nineties and subsequent years with Television documents, which offers a report analyzing the lifestyle of the Mennonite community. For his part, on Antena 3 The anthill receives the Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen.

“Paddling Against the Wind”

6.25pm, Movistar Indie

Spain, 1987 (90 minutes). Director: Gonzalo Suarez. With: Hugh Grant, Lizzy McInnerny, Valentine Pelka.

Gonzalo Suárez recreates the birth of the literary myth of Frankenstein in the legendary evening at Villa Diodati with Mary and Percy Shelley, Byron and Polidori. Suárez transforms the encounter into an ecstatic melodrama of visual beauty and narrative power and indulges in wild characters who exude emotion.

Brigitte Nielsen, in ‘The Anthill’

9.45pm, Antenna 3

Tonight, the program hosted by Pablo Motos receives the Danish actress and receives a visit from the Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen, whose professional career began as a model until arriving at the cinema in the 1980s. Nielsen, after a brief marriage to Sylvester Stallone, participated in memorable films of the decade such as Rocky IV, Cobra or Superdective in Hollywood II.

‘Cachitos’, with the nineties

10pm, La 2

The best playback performances of a decade full of parties: bakalao, eurodance and pachangueo is featured in this week’s Cachitos delivery. The program shows how the decade served to showcase a more cosmopolitan side of Spain, with major events such as the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games and the Seville World Fair. Cachitos is seasoned with the rise of rumba, sevillanas and Macarena., although it is also reminiscent of bakalao and Latin rhythms.

“Cheaters’ Day”

11.50pm, TCM

There was a crooked man. United States, 1970 (127 minutes). Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz. With: Henry Fonda, Kirk Douglas, Hume Cronyn, Warren Oates, Burges Meredith.

One day Hollywood will have to be held responsible for the fate that befell many of the artists who made it great. For example, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, an example of creative immensity, retired from the world of cinema, of his own free will, in 1972, after having made more than twenty films, tired of the treatment meted out to him by an industry more concerned with fires of more artifice and fireworks than in films like yours, in which the characters spoke to say things that were almost always intelligent. cheat day it is an outlier western which plays to blur the boundaries between good and evil to offer a brutal portrait of cynical, amoral and corrupt characters. Henry Fonda, the governor of a prison, and Kirk Douglas, one of his inmates, challenge a spiral of deception in a film that embraces the paths of a more than black comedy.

The Mennonite community, in ‘TV Documents’

12pm, La 2

The report Memonites analyzes the life of a community that professes a radical Protestantism in which community, non-violence and resistance to every human and technological evolution prevail. Their way of life based on respect for the sacred and the principles of good and evil is threatened by the modern globalized world. It is estimated that there are approximately two million Mennonites spread across five continents.

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